That ‘Unique’ Jewish Morality

That ‘Unique’ Jewish Morality

It is something I run into more and more, both on a personal and non-personal basis. The questions, the bewilderment, the confusion…people trying to fit two completely irreconcilable ideas together in such a way that it all conforms to the laws of reason. ‘How?’ I hear and read often…‘How is it that the Jews–who call themselves ‘a light among nations’ and who constantly lecture the rest of the non-Jewish world on issues such as genocide, holocaust and whatnot–are so willing to turn a callous eye towards the plight of others, and particularly when those ‘others’ happen to be Arabs, the only real ‘Semites’ in the world?’

Well, the answer is really quite simple actually. A picture speaks a thousand words, as they say, and the above picture explains in a microsecond why the Jews of the world are for the most part silent over the slaughter taking place against the Semitic peoples of Palestine, Lebanon, and Iraq.

Look at the eyes of the man, the deep blue eyes common to European (non-Semitic) Ashkenazi Jews. Consider the other features as well. We have seen his face a thousand times amongst his cousins in the media and whatnot. His name is Shanbo Heineman, a Jew from San Francisco.

Next, look at the wound on his forehead. It was caused by a ‘rubber coated’ bullet fired by one of his own cousins in the IDF operating under orders from headquarters.

By the way, do not let the ‘rubber bullet’ thing fool you. It means nothing. It is simply a plastic coating around a regular lead bullet traveling at 3,000 feet per second and with around 800 foot-pounds of energy PSI behind it. People die from them all the time and the stressing of the ‘rubber coating’ is just a slight-of-hand on Israel’s part in trying to pretty up what is her organically-brutal character. Playing with words and ideas is her specialty and always has been. The Irgun and Stern Gang going into villages and murdering hundreds of innocent civilians is ‘patriotic’ and ‘heroic’ and the Palestinians fighting to protect themselves from being slaughtered is ‘terrorism’.

Anyway, back to our Jewish friend here, Mr. Heineman. He was shot in the head because he dared to follow a higher power, meaning his God-given conscience by protesting the brutality inflicted by Israel against the Palestinians. For this he was rewarded with a bullet to the head. Despite the fact that he survived it, he will be plagued with pain and serious medical problems for the rest of his life. In short, he has been permanently maimed.

And in his eyes you can see the reason why Jews around the world are silent when it comes to what has been done to Israel’s victims in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and elsewhere. In his eyes you can see the fear, no, the TERROR, as well as the sense of betrayal he feels when he figured out in a millisecond that his own people were his own worst enemies, when he realized that they would kill him in a second as if he were nothing more than a cockroach for his willingness to listen to his human conscience instead of listening to his ‘Jewish’ one.

And where is that ‘unique Jewish morality’ speaking out against what was done to him? Where is the ADL and other Jewish watchdog groups? Isn’t his being shot an act of ‘anti-Semitism’? If it were anyone else and the attacker had been another Gentile, we certainly would hear about it.

Unfortunately, Mr. Heineman is a rarity. He is much like those scorpions that are identical to their cousins in every respect except that they carry no poison in their tails, or like the rare pit bull that doesn’t have the same violent tendencies well-known to be part of his breed. Mr. Heineman–like some of his forebearers 2,000 years ago–chose to break from the tribe and follow the path of peace, righteousness and compassion rather than the dictates of that ‘unique Jewish morality’ and in that moment he became a terrorist in the eyes of his rabbis, be they religious or political in nature.

And in one picture that speaks a thousand words, we can see the answers to all those burning questions concerning Jewish ‘suffering’ and ‘persecution’ that has taken place for thousands of years…We see the reason for the deafening silence on the part of those who call themselves the ‘light
among nations’ when it comes to the genocide of 2 million–count ‘em, 2,000,000 Iraqi civilians. Whether it is Jews protesting the slaughter of the Palestinians today or whether it was those who dared protest the slaughter of the ancient Canaanites thousands of years ago, the issue is the same–

‘You stick with the tribe, right or wrong, Jew-boy. You don’t ask questions, you follow orders. If your leaders tell you to go and murder a million people, than you DO IT Goddamnit or you will be crushed like a grasshopper.’

On a spring day 2,000 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth rode into Jerusalem in triumph and the Jews there welcomed Him as a king, shouting ‘Hosanna to God in the Highest…Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord’, laying down palm leaves in His path. The Jewish leadership saw this and were incensed, as Jesus’ teachings threatened to free the Jewish people from the grip of their leaders…

…A week later, the same people who welcomed Jesus as a king were calling for Barabbas–a convicted murderer–to be released and for Jesus–a peaceful, righteous man–to be crucified, shouting ‘Let his blood be upon us and upon our children!’ The change was affected by their leaders who went through the crowd, threatening them if they did not ‘go with the flow’.

Today we see the same thing, as Jews all over the world (with few exceptions) are found cheering for the genocide of the original Semitic peoples of the Holy Land, shouting ‘Let their blood be upon us and upon our children!’

Those who do not add their voices to the mad chorus of the mob are rewarded with bullets to their heads, as was the fine man in this picture Shanbo Heineman. He chose to be a human being instead of a Jew and for that he is regarded as a traitor worthy of death.

Ariel Sharon was right in that interview he gave with Amos Oz in 1982. Jewish morality is ‘unique’. It is very different from the moralities of other religions and cultures throughout history. Other religions and cultures recognize a higher power other than that of man, where the rules of right and wrong do not have an asterisk placed next to them noting an exception exists when it applies to certain people. Jewish morality on the other hand is more ‘flexible’ and allows its people to do certain things that other religions prohibit. It maintains a deceptive, silent, insidious, double-minded and contradictory aspect to its character where the golden rule is ‘whatever benefits the Jews is good’. It is the ultimate ‘end-justifies-the-means’ logic and the same reasoning Cain used in killing his brother Abel.

I never thought the day would come where I see eye-to-eye with mass murderer Ariel Sharon on anything, but surprisingly, after careful and honest consideration, I have to agree with him in that interview in 1982 where he said–

“We’ll hear no more of that nonsense about the unique Jewish morality and all the bullshit talk about a unique people and of being a light upon the nations. No more uniqueness and no more sweetness and light. Good riddance…’

…to which I must add a simple yet unequivocal ‘Amen…Let us hear no more of it’

© 2008 by Mark Glenn, Contributing editor, American Free Press Newspaper


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