Adib S Kawar – “We didn’t mean to kill them”

Adib S Kawar – “We didn’t mean to kill them”
By Mary Rizzo • May 10th, 2008

“We didn’t mean to kill them…” By ‘them’ we mean Palestinian children. After all, they are Palestinian children, those are who are supposed to grow up to become ‘Palestinian terrorists!’ so why care for them? We even kill anybody who dares to care for them, we killed that person who devoted his life for caring for ‘the subhuman’ Palestinian children, we caught up with him even as far away as in the land of our great ally, supporter and defender…and against whom we spy and betray, and we were ready to lie and say he committed ‘suicide’.

We killed that man there, that man who came from Beirut, from the neighborhood of his people, the Arab Palestinians refugee camps, camps of long and great sufferings. He decided to support Palestinian children. Isn’t his name Riad As-Solh Hamad? It is his fault. Why did he care for those whom we say we killed by mistake, and we suppose that we shall kill more and more of them, and naturally we will claim we killed them by mistake.

Why they don’t want to leave this land that is theirs, to go somewhere else, to some desert and leave what is theirs to us? We want this land and they should understand, or else we shall keep killing them all, starting with their children, their women and the it’s time for the men: the old and the young who care for those whom Riad dared to care for…

Didn’t our great historian, Benny Morris, say that the non-white barbarians should be annihilated to make way for the white Europeans to colonize new lands? It’s their inherited right, the whites wants to establish new and great democracies, just like the whites in the new world. To do it they just had to annihilate the barbarian Red Indians, and if they didn’t do that, how would this great American democracy have come into existence? You see, didn’t they civilize the Red Indians in their graveyards away from their prairies that were waiting to be turned into a great nation? This is only fair and just.

For 60 years we have been killing them, and we shall continue killing them, and shall continue lying, because we have to. They don’t understand, but sometimes it seems that we are those who don’t understand that they shall end up with killing us if we don’t escape with our skins… Someday we will regret for not understanding that those people who are ready to sacrifice whatever is dear and precious to them so as not to leave their land to us… For sixty long years we have been celebrating and they commemorate and sacrifice. So we should understand before it is too late for regretting for our lack of understanding. Right or wrong, these are the facts on the ground…

Our sixtieth year of ‘independence’ didn’t stop them from commemorating their Nakba. Not to weep, but to keep their memory alive. And one day, whether it will be few in years or even after many years, those Palestinian Arabs will seem to be adamant to celebrate their independence, their liberty and their victory. Only then shall we return to our wailing wall, hit it with our heads and cry for our lack of understanding that when there is the will there is the way, and it seems, without a doubt, even after sixty long years of suffering, these people are insisting on returning from their Shatat (what we call diaspora), and the bones of their martyrs shall rise from death to life to welcome them back home, didn’t Jesus Christ/Esa do it in this same land?

History shall certainly repeat itself, the same criminal and the same victim, which rises to celebrate the resurrected life.

Adib S. Kawar

Working for the implementation of resolution 194
“Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law” (From Preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948)

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