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Fiery exchange of words and accusations in Arab League between Saudi Arabia and Syria!!

I translated this exchange that occurred between the Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Evil and the Syrian Ambassador to the Arab League because I thought that it might not appear in Western press. In fact, most of the complicit Arab media also didn’t refer to the fiery exchange that took place yesterday.

The source is the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar:


Saud el Faisal, the Saudi Foreign Minister offered a long interjection mainly about “the crazy war Hezbollah was conducting in Beirut”. He also went on to personally attack the General Secretary of Hezbollah describing him as “Sharon, because he and the Israelis agreed to invade Beirut”.

El Faisal said that “the constitutional Lebanese government was facing complete war and that it was not possible for the Arab world to stand there powerless. El Faisal adds that is Iran is handling the administration of the battle and Hezbollah is trying to impose on Lebanon “wilayat el Faqih” (guardianship of Islamic jurisprudence) and it is upon us to do all that is in our power to stop this war and save Lebanon even if this requires the creation of an Arab military force that should spread quickly in Lebanon to restore security and protect the existing legitimate system. We have to issue now a statement clearly condemning Hezbollah and Iran through this meeting and we must send a warning to the militias to stop the battle and withdraw. We also have to stand by the Siniora government, thank it for its endurance and provide it with support”

When the Saudi Minister finished speaking, the Syrian Ambassador spoke:

“Syrian Foreign Minister Walid el Moallem is not present for personal reasons. Damascus sees that what is happening in Lebanon is an internal matter in which Syria does not wish to interfere. The Saudi Foreign Minister offered however a biased and partisan series of cover-ups that must be responded to in order for his position not be later adopted for truths”. The Syrian Ambassador then directed himself to the Saudi Ambassador: “you are now revealing your real and partisan position which favors one party of the Lebanese over the other. You say that the Lebanese government is a constitutional government when we all know that it is a de-facto government which does not represent all the Lebanese, but a portion of them… and the fact that it spent 11 hours taking its last 2 decisions meant that it knew the risks involved and the kind of debacle that could arise as a result… and it is the debacle we are watching unfold today. “ The Syrian Ambassador went on to tell Saud el Faisal: “Since you want to send Arab forces to Lebanon, would you like them to go to Lebanon to kill the majority of Lebanese in defense of the Israeli spy and agent Samir Geagea who has today become your ally?”

El Faisal interrupts the Syrian Ambassador: “He is not our ally”

The Syrian Ambassador answers: “He is your ally and he gets from you support and money too. Do you want to impose on us your interpretations and tell us that Iran is the enemy and not Israel which kills children everyday non-stop? You want to send forces now to Lebanon, but it didn’t occur to you to move a finger when Israel was bombing Lebanon everyday without a break? Why didn’t you think of sending forces to face the Israeli invasion then? You also speak about Hezbollah in a hostile way. You and all of us know that this party has changed greatly from the day it was established. It sacrificed enormously for its country Lebanon as well as for the ‘Umma’ and such sacrifice is only offered by those who are looking for the benefit of their country.

As for Iran which stood by us and our concerns, you now want to convince us that Iran in an enemy? A while ago when we spoke in a closed session of Arab-Iranian relations, everyone was eager and no one voiced any objection. This means that Saudi Arabia wants to impose its obsessions on us and this is a matter which we shall not accept. “

Al Faisal responded by saying that Iran supported rebellion. Al Faisal added speaking directly to the Syrian Ambassador: “ you are addressing me and speaking about our position as though we were allied with Israel. If you repeat such talk, I will take a different position with you.”

The Syrian Ambassador answers sharply: “don’t threaten me. If you try to change your words, you will hear from me what you never heard from anyone before. I am telling you and everyone in this meeting that the Arab League has to be impartial and fair towards all parties in Lebanon and there is the Arab Initiative which we issued here and which the Secretary General knows is a plan that has already been welcomed by all parties in Lebanon on the basis of an entire package and not just a series of separate steps.”

Internal disagreements had started in the beginning of the session as a result of Egypt and Saudi Arabia’s insistence that the final statement include a “condemnation” of the Lebanese opposition forces that took control of Beirut. Arab sources said that the Secretary General of the Arab League “was not in favor of putting together an extended Arab committee that would take-over the responsibility of mediating between the different factions and that he preferred a small committee limited to Qatar and Djibouti in order to be more effective.”

Sources said also that while Arab countries were busy competing for participation in the committee, General Secretary Moussa’s reservations were ignored in spite of his indication that a wider committee would not achieve its goals.


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