No Shame No Pain

No Shame No Pain
Cherifa Sirry’s Blog – 26/05/2008

A public bow from the US to Hezbollah and the Lebanese opposition

The US Chargé d’Affaires in Lebanon, Ambassador Michele J. Sison has certainly changed her tune during those past 10 days. We are not seeing her grumpy face or hearing her usual criticism regarding the Lebanese resistance and opposition. Quite the contrary, ambassador Sison seems to have developed a sudden affection for the Lebanese opposition and is making a definite effort at socializing with it and at being cheerful and charming, What a change from the days – not too far ago- when ambassador Sison and the notorious ambassador Feltman were only chummy and charming with their agents Jumblaat and Gaegae, the March 14th Forces and the Siniora government!

As I watched the news yesterday, I couldn’t help but laugh. I particularly enjoyed ambassador Sison’s special effort at being cheerful while repeating and stressing during her various stops the following U official statement:

“the US welcomes the agreement reached by the Lebanese leaders in Doha”!

My my my!! Aren’t those leaders the very leaders that the US considered a terrible “threat to Lebanon’s ‘young’ democracy”?? Aren’t those leaders all “terrorists” as far as the US was concerned?? Aren’t they all allied to some kind of “Evil Axis”?? Hasn’t the US placed those leaders on a list of people forbidden to travel to the US?? Hasn’t the US also frozen their bank accounts??

Now the US has suddenly discovered that those leaders might after all not be “terrorists” and that it might be preferable for the US to ally with them rather than find itself entirely cast out of the Lebanese political arena.

The US really has no shame.

It was only a few weeks ago that the notorious US ambassador to Lebanon (Feltman) was complaining as always about his “disgust at the ongoing shameless attacks on Lebanon’s democratic institutions by those seeking to restore decision-making to Damascus and its allies” and it is barely 10 days ago that Bush informed the world that ” The Lebanese people have sacrificed much for the sake of their freedom, and the United States will continue to stand with them against this latest assault on their independence and security”

Now the US wants to befriend those it’s been threatening and condemning for years – not to mention the 2006 war – because it realizes that without them, the real representatives of Lebanon, the real protectors of its sovereignty and independence from the likes of a “Jeffrey Feltman governments”, the US really has no ‘friends’ in Lebanon.

The US has lost Iran. It lost Iraq. It lost Gaza. It is losing Lebanon… Who is next in line?

The US is adamant on losing all its Arab allies for the sake of Israel and many of us Arabs have reached the point where we feel that the US must now choose between either us or its dear apartheid ‘island of democracy’, Israel.

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