George W. Bush and Dick Cheney dictator and psychopath’s checklists are complete: time for impeachment

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney dictator and psychopath’s checklists are complete: time for impeachment
Roland Michel Tremblay

I believe we are all aware now that George W. Bush is a psychopath, with a personality disorder characterised by chronic immoral and antisocial behaviour. It will be his only defence, his mental health problem, if the War Crime Tribunals catch up with him one day. I will go through his psychopath’s checklist later. What is important to keep in mind though, is that his full political agenda has not been entirely played out yet, and before it is over, George W. Bush will certainly present a perfect case of a full flesh dictator. We still have the time to stop him, but we won’t for much longer. So let’s explore what is really happening.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney dictatorship’s checklist, that I had to quickly establish from many websites, and which is not exhaustive, goes something like this: 1) a leader who holds and/or abuses an extraordinary amount of personal power, 2) the power to make laws without effective restraint by a legislative assembly or a Constitution, 3) cult of personality/megalomania (like when someone states that God has spoken to him and told him to go to war, or when a leader portrays himself as the symbol of patriotism), 4) head of the military, association with the military and wearing a military uniform (which Bush did), 5) repression of political or other opponents without abiding by rule of law procedures or moral and ethical code (threatening and succeeding in shutting up one’s opponents, Bush has been highly successful at this), 6) rule by decree (losing the elections and yet proclaiming oneself the ruler), 7) proclamation of a state of emergency to further one’s agenda (9/11), 8) suspension of civil liberties (several terrorist acts, being able to imprison and convict people without due process, use of torture), 9) control of mass media (Fox Network at the very least, and probably most of the mass media since they are all so quiet about all this), 10) suspension of elections following a large scale false flag/government sponsored terrorism event.

As you can see from my perhaps incomplete checklist, everything has already been accomplished, except for the last item of suspension of elections through a state of emergency. Wikipedia states that modern dictators have usually come to power in times of emergency, and so we can certainly expect that someone as desperate as George W. Bush has shown, in order to remain in power for as long as possible, and by any means possible, must be seeking another state of emergency to establish fully his dictatorship.

It is entirely predictable and likely to happen, it is just a question of time, months at most, probably weeks. One could even argue that elections have already been suspended twice, through cheating in Florida and other States, and manipulation of voting machines. Also that the main false flag/government sponsored terrorism events could be 9/11 and other terrorist acts in London and Spain. All of which point to false flag events.

It is however reasonable to believe that the worse is still to come, because it is the final act standing before absolute dictatorship, and, it is the only way by which George W. Bush and his partners in crime will be able to remain in power past next November. Hence, we already have a dictatorship, although not an absolute one, and it is time to impeach the dictator and his associates before the war agenda against us is complete.

I don’t pretend to know all about psychopathic behaviours and dictators, and perhaps it is a good thing, because then I will speak about it in terms which can reach the collective consciousness. These topics are highly important right now, unfortunately the experts are only able to write about it in terms which limit the reach of their discourse to a few other experts. So they speak together in that language no one can understand, and ultimately they forget to raise the alarm when a perfect text book case shows up in the world and is about to enslave us all. Let’s raise the alarm for them.

George W. Bush psychopath’s checklist is borrowed from Wikipedia under the psychopath’s entry (Dr. Robert D. Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist). Of course, no psychopath is meant to exhibit all of those symptoms, however, the more symptoms you exhibit, the more psychopath you are. It is important to understand that most psychopaths are pathological liars and are quite capable to show a convincing mask of sanity (the title of a book by Dr. Hare). In George W. Bush’s case though (and to a certain extent Dick Cheney), the mask has fallen and there is enough data to prove that most of these factors apply to his personality:

Factor 1: Aggressive narcissism: 1) Glibness / superficial charm, 2) Grandiose sense of self-worth, 3) Pathological lying, 4) Cunning / manipulative, 5) Lack of remorse or guilt, 6) Shallow. 7) Callous / lack of empathy, 8) Failure to accept responsibility for own actions, 9) Promiscuous sexual behaviour. Factor 2: Socially deviant lifestyle: 1) Need for stimulation / proneness to boredom, 2) Parasitic lifestyle, 3) Poor behavioural control, 4) Lack of realistic, long-term goals, 5) Impulsivity, 6) Irresponsibility, 7) Juvenile delinquency, 8) Early behaviour problems, 9) Many short-term marital relationships, 10) Revocation of conditional release.

I will not here develop every single point of these checklists, this is only meant to be an overall idea to give us some hints about who we are dealing with. I am certain you are already aware of most events and how they apply to each items of the checklists. It can even be a nice exercise for you if you get bored, associating headlines about Bush and Cheney to the items of both checklists. You will be surprised how the next headline will fit perfectly somewhere, as if they cannot help who they are, what they say and what they do. In their case, it is clear, it all leads to psychopathy and dictatorship.

What needs to be assessed, is how such psychopathic minds as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, succeeded first in gaining power, second in achieving so much destruction without being stopped by anyone, and third, why it is so difficult to get rid of them now that we are all aware of where the events are leading us: suspension of most freedoms and liberties, including the freedom of speech and privacy, the abandonment of the democracy and of the Constitution, the destruction of the environment, a dictatorship, genocides, a world war, and so on. All of these are already in an advanced stage.

How indeed were they able to achieve such a feat on the Promised Land of liberty and freedom, on the land of the free, being able not only to shut the media down, but also the scientists and even their political opposition. Is it a reign of fear, of terror, or are they all collaborators of the tyrants? Excellent questions.

So much has been said about how Hitler was able to get into power and achieve his dictatorship, whilst the Germans were simply sitting back and letting it all happen. Were they all guilty, you have asked? More so about the French, and how coward they were according to so many Americans, because corruption was running high at the top, and everything happened in the shadows and so quickly. Before you knew it, it had already happened. Well, now you understand. It is very much happening again, and we do not seem to be more capable in preventing any of it from happening than the Germans and the French were. Eat that! No, it can never be that easy to prevent such events. If it was, such things would never happen in the first place, and unfortunately they do all the time in the world.

Oh yes, the difference today is that we have the Internet, and alternative media are still reachable using search engines (but not for long I suspect). And if you are reading this, I’m sure you have read a lot more already, and are fully aware of what I am talking about here.

I did a test at work recently. I asked my colleagues if they knew that there was a big famine worldwide at the moment and that thousands if not millions were dying of hunger. I won’t go into the reasons here, I’m sure you know all the corruption and market manipulations that went on to create that state of affair, including the World Bank Group’s policies and the production of Ethanol.

The amazing fact was that, most of my colleagues, had not even heard of this global famine, and this is news that made the headlines on the most important newspapers in the country. So how would the main population know all about the intricacies of Bush’s regime, I wonder, with such a PR and propaganda machine running 24 hours a day on most media worldwide?

So their plan for a dictatorship could still work, easily. They assume we are dumb and ignorant, and unfortunately I think they assume correctly. There comes a point though, and I believe that we have reached that point, where we can no longer afford to be.

Fortunately, such psychopathic minds don’t know when to stop and they always go too far, once they believe that they are untouchable. They may feel that way, because legally no one can now stop them without a civil war, and they know that much more awareness and organisation would be required before that happens. But in this case, without the torture gulags of Guantanamo Bay, where conveniently the Geneva Conventions have been declared obsolete, it is a safe bet that George W. Bush has destroyed himself in America, the last place on Earth where apparently millions still remain unaware of the extent of his abuse and corruption.

What can one do? Well, I thought there was no need to write such articles as this one, since so many others are so much better informed than I am, and they express themselves in such better ways. I believe now that if many more were to write articles like this, no matter how ignorant they are, it could make a difference and help build awareness, being perhaps the beginning of some sort of resistance which eventually could gain momentum.

I was born in 1972. I would say I am now older, many people around me still consider me quite young. Considering my knowledge of past events, indeed I am young. It took me a long time to finally find out about dictators and political psychopaths in the world. I never thought there was a need to investigate. After all, we seemed to live in some sort of golden age.

For me, the Second World War and Hitler were way in the past, and these events could never have been repeated again. Then I realised that most of humanity is actually ruled by dictators and tyrants. That was still acceptable to me, because obviously, what was important was that I was living in a civilised world. The rest of the world eventually would get out of their nightmare just like we did.

I had no idea that everything was cyclical and history was just repeating itself over and over again. Learning a lesson, whether individually or collectively, is perhaps the most difficult thing ever. It seems that we are just too slow to learn from the past and to react whenever it is about to happen again.

I am now awake. I am aware that once you have succeeded in gaining a few more rights and liberties, you still need to continue the fight, to insure that you will keep those rights for at least another generation. I have quickly understood that rights are never given, they are borrowed for a limited time, and will be snatched away at the very first opportunity, under the pretence of security, moral & ethics, religion, terrorism, war, take your pick, anything will do.

It is so hard to understand, because who benefits from the fact that we do not have those rights anymore? What purpose does it really serve? Why should any government work so hard at annihilating any kind of rights and freedoms citizens are so justified to demand?

My incomprehension does not stop there. Ultimately, I understand this is all a question of power and money, a control over everyone in order to become filthy rich. However, what is the point of that? Why would you want to control every single person on the planet? Why would you want to add many more billions of dollars to your already made fortune? This is when I came across the fact that some people are psychopaths, they have this obsession of being in power and to be rich, and nothing will stop them in their ascension to becoming dictators.

This is hard to understand, because such people simply do not think like the rest of us. They have different priorities, and have often been described as people without a soul, or at the very least, people who lost their soul as they started to climb a hierarchical ladder filled with other born psychopaths.

I never thought I would feel the need one day to attack in many articles and books an American President like I do now. It was simply unthinkable, since America has been built for that very purpose, the emancipation of the colonies against such control from the Kings and Queens of the mother land. For God’s sake, the whole Constitution has been carefully written to protect the country against this kind of stuff.

All it took was one psychopath, surrounded by people just like him, to overthrow everything so many generations have worked so hard to protect. And now, nowhere else in the world is anyone safe. No more country is a model for all the others. Corruption and greed are winning the political game, and we are facing once again dark times.

I had such hopes for humanity, I know now with certainty that humanity will not survive much longer. I didn’t think humanity would become extinct within my lifetime, I can see now that it is a real possibility.

I can’t comprehend why all of this is happening. I thought there were so many agencies and other organisations fighting against just such an eventuality. After 9/11 they all fell silent, and none of them seem to have recovered their voice in the following years. There does not even seem to have any kind of opposition to the government, the democrats are all talking about useless issues, when there is already so much they could denounce that is at stake.

Everything falls under depth ears. Even the media are silent, they seem to show complicity. So much must have happened behind the scene, that we are still unaware, I hope one day we will get the full picture for the history books, so perhaps we will make this the very last time it will ever happen.

The day that we re-establish the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as they were before George W. Bush entered the scene, we will have to attach to them the two checklists mentioned earlier, the psychopath and the dictator’s checklists, and pay attention as soon as our leaders start to show too many signs of either of these traits. We will then have to act much faster than we are now, as soon as we see the first signs.

I understand why George W. Bush and Dick Cheney’s plan worked so well, we were not expecting it in America. No one would have believed, a decade ago, that a dictatorship in North America was possible in less than a decade, and that no one would see it coming. We have grown complacent. I realise now that we were deluded indeed, with so many dictatorships everywhere else in the world, we should have been more clued up. How could we have believed that we were immune? It is unforgiveable, and there will be such a high price to pay before this is over, I don’t even want to think about it.

I can already guess who will be blamed for letting it happen, but the truth is, we are all to blame, because every single one of us allowed it to happen, and we are continuing to do so right now. I’m sorry, but there is no more excuse that will do at this time. We already know too much about what is happening, no one bothers to even hide their agenda anymore, it is as clear as day. There should be an immediate outcry coming from everyone and everywhere in the country, and instantly everything should change, everything should be stopped before it reaches critical stage.

There is still time, and it might yet be simple. Call for the impeachment of our leaders, and give the War Crime Tribunals a call. Which bring the all important question, who exactly could make this happen? Who has that power to start any kind of investigation against George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and company? Why are they not acting? We all know that there is enough evidence against them. (Yes, I had a look at the latest American Civil Liberties Union’s report, they are slipping, they are sleeping, it has gone largely ignored, no help there.)

Those people should be our real target, those people should be shamelessly fired and replaced quickly. If they cannot do their job, if their silence has been bought somehow, if they are too afraid to speak up, we will have to do their job for them, and we will. And then we might still save humanity.

It is what we do best, isn’t it, saving the world? Well, let’s start by saving ourselves, and then the world might stand a chance. No more psychopaths in power, no more dictators ever, anywhere in the world! This has to be our new leitmotiv. No more bullshit! will also do.

I would like to apologise to Mary Cheney, I do have a soft spot for her, for being openly a lesbian and being a gay activist. I wish such article would not hurt her. But I could not stop myself just to spare her. I believe she is strong, perhaps she will write another book, just to prove to us that her father is not the monster we all believe he is. Hopefully she will be convincing, but how could she, when one considers so much evidence against him? I’m sorry Mary, I do care for you, but it can no longer be helped. There is too much smoke, the White House is on fire, all over the country, all over the world. We are dying here, and many more will die before this is all over.

As for George W. Bush’s daughters, I do not apologise. We are way past apologising in his case, about anything. You will have to suffer just like the rest of us, at your own father’s wrongdoing, your whole family wrongdoings, for over a century.

Shit, I hope I won’t be shot for writing such an article. I have to think about defamation laws. I can prove all of this, right? Right? Right! Freedom of speech is still alive and kicking, right? Right? Right!

So speak up and act while you still can! No one else seems to in the mass media… and their silence is truly deafening, it speaks volume. It is all up to you now, only small you… since everyone else has proven to be ineffective in doing anything against the real axe of evil.

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May 25, 2008 This article is an excerpt of the book Destructivism, The Path to Self-Destruction, written by Roland Michel Tremblay. It is available online for free on his website:


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